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Mental Health Matters

FREE your MIND is about empowering people with tools and techniques for them to use for themselves to help their own mental health. At the moment we are focusing on Schools, and Workplaces, as these areas are most susceptible to having staff with anxiety, stress, depression and other issues, Causing employees to take time of work, or struggle in their daily working day.

The workplace can contribute positively to a person’s mental health, may exacerbate an existing problem, or may contribute to the development of a mental health problem. The failure to prevent, recognise and treat mental health problems in the workplace has an impact on employers, employees and their families, and the community generally.

FREE your MIND, Be FREE in LIFE, empower people to:

-  Become aware of negative thinking patterns and unhelpful thoughts, using various CBT techniques,

-  Cultivate mindfulness in their life,

-  How they can use simple but very effective breathing techniques to influence a more positive physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing,

-  How to meditate, and learn meditations (that aren’t ‘too hippy or weird’) for daily self-preservation,

-  How to use Self Hypnosis effectively on and for themselves, including positive ego boosting, confidence boosting, positive suggestions, etc.

-  How to relax, using relaxation techniques that will create calm and tranquillity in their whole being.

These areas are just the start of a person looking after themselves, but they are simple and relatively easy techniques that those in busy roles can learn, and that are very effective when practiced.

We have online training to become a FREE your MIND Facilitator, and also run workshop/training sessions and days private for staff. Please view our Training page for more details.



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